Tortoise and The Hare

OK, So I hope everyone here has heard the story about the Tortoise and the Hare. If not well, I wonder how you passed pre-k. So guys, we all know that men always find a way to make children’s stories more thrilling. So for those who are young at heart, I’ve found a better alternative to the Tortoise and The Hare.

So the Brits had the right idea with what a true tortoise should look like. This beauty is     the British Tortoise Super Heavy Tank. This beauty is the definition of slow but deadly. So lets also change the part about the Hare ever stopping. The Hare never stopped, Ladies and Gentlemen. And that’s because it was running for its life. 

This is the German Panzer 4 Medium Tank. The Germans understood that the faster you are the harder it is to hit you and the easier it is to rush the enemy line. But they sacrificed armor for speed. This tank is fast and light but vulnerable to enemy fire. And the damage that steel wall called the tortoise deals out is no joke. Not only does it deal immense amounts of damage but it also is practically impenetrable, it would take a super heavy TD (Tank Destroyer) to do damage to its shell. So we all know how the story ends. The Tortoise wins but not because of patience but thanks to its 94 mm gun ( or if you want to use its other name the 32 pounder QF Ordnance).

 This here is a 20 pounder QF ( I could not find a picture of a 32 pounder on the internet). But this is to give you a perspective. A 32 would make this 20 pounder look like child’s play. So thanks to its 32 QF, the tortoise said bye-bye to the panzer with a boom and won the race. So whats the morale of this story, you may ask. A 32 pounder is freaking awesome, that’s what it is.


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