So, I hope by now everybody understands the simple fact that a car is a normal item for everyone to have right. And then there are those gear-heads or grease monkeys, whatever you wanna call them who have A LOT of cars. Now don’t get me wrong, I LOVE cars and bikes (especially those beautiful things called Harley-Davidson’s).

But anyways that is not the point. What if I could offer you a vehicle that does everything a car can do but BETTER. What if I told you there is one type of vehicle that just screams “I AM AN AMERICAN, HOORAH!!”. If you really want a true ride that’ll have heads spinning then you might want to take me up on my offer. Now if your anti-guns and all that hippie nonsense, just stop reading cause you probably won’t like were this is heading. Forget “Need For Speed” and say hello to “Need For Firepower”. Once you go there, there is no going back.

If every American, were to drive this: 
Then you already know all the benefits it would have toward society. It would make crime drop, (I don’t think anyone is stupid enough to mess with someone that owns one of these). It would make the streets safer (no one will every try anything if these puppies are rolling down the street always). It would also be a safer means of transport for your family (It would take some VERY VERY serious firepower to even dent this monster).
So if you ever have the budget for a $4.3 Million Tank make sure you pick up one of these. Oh and another thing you can’t pick one of these up yet, even if you have the money since it is such a new tank that still has most of its specs classified. But either way I hope you enjoyed this blog. And if your interested in cars make sure to check the blog of a friend of mines at


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