We The People

America was and is a nation founded by the people for the people. We were given certain rights no other country ever gave to it’s people. This nation was founded on God fearing principles yet our morals and values are slowly fading away. From early on, our nation’s laws followed those of ancient Israel. We prospered in those early years, we became the richest and most powerful nation on the face on the earth. But what happened to all that?

This nation was founded on God fearing principles yet our morals and values are slowly fading away.

The way I see it America has been turning it’s back on God, and the ways of our forefathers. Have you ever heard that saying “To know the future, you must know the past” or “The past repeats itself”. It’s true, when Israel started turning it’s back on the way’s of their forefathers, on the morals God had set upon them, that’s when they began to fall apart. That’s History and if you don’t believe me you can check it out for yourself. Two books, I would recommend to read if this interests you is “The Harbinger” by Jonathan Cahn and “The Mystery of The Shemitah” by Jonathan Cahn.

America when it followed the morals and principles of God, was prospering. No other nation compared to it. We won two world wars back to back, we were building the world’s tallest towers, had the best economy, and the most powerful military. I don’t know if you find it curious that the year America lost in Vietnam was the same year abortion was legalized, that year was 1973 (The Peace Treaties were signed, The War didn’t technically end until 1975, with the surrender of Saigon). That was the first war the US ever lost. I don’t know if you see the connection here, but abortion is a practice condemned in the Bible as a form of murder. That is what it is, the murder of innocent blood.

Henry Kissinger signs the Paris Peace Accords on January 27, 1973 in Paris. The war ended on April 30, 1975, with the surrender of Saigon to communist forces, ending the United States involvement in Vietnam. 


America has turned it’s back on God, with every passing day we see things that were once considered atrocities, are now considered normal. What happened to us? the purpose of this post is to try and show people the path out nation is on. I love this country, but we need to fix what is wrong.

What Happened to Us?

We need to unite to fix the issue, like it says in the Constitution, “We The People”. That phrase means we must stand together. A house divided crumbles, A house united stands.

A House Divided Crumbles, A House United Stands.


8 thoughts on “We The People

  1. I agree that we are a bit divided as a nation in general. However, I dont think it has anything to do with “straying away from God” or any of that. Morality isn’t generally based on Christianity or Catholicism. You can have morals and not be religious too. I also disagree on your stance on abortion because its not technically murder of innocent blood. I am more pro choice but I’m not gonna get into that since that was merely an example put in this post (though if you want, I’d be glad to elaborate on why I am pro choice) I would love if you could explain more about the relgion thing though. I could be wrong but it does sort of seem like you’re saying that morality is strictly a religious thing. I would love some clarification if that’s alright with you.

    And just something very superficial, there seems to be a bit of an issue as far as grammar and the format/layout of this post but nothing too serious. Just thought I’d point it out.


    1. I find religion and a belief in a creator as a sort of guideline for daily life. I’m a full believer in God, but you might disagree with me there. The way I see it is that it serves as a way to live my life in a better way that’s more pure and separated from things that are simply put not correct. Sort of the way nations have laws, I use my beliefs as a form to guide my daily life. Because the way I see it is if there is no God then who gets to decide what is right and what’s wrong. Humans can not do that, because we are at essence biased and corrupted individuals who will only call what benefits us right and what affects us negatively wrong. So if there is no God, as some might counter it, who makes the rules. Who says that someone can not commit atrocities and violent acts that affect many in negative ways. Who then in turn reward those who do right and punish those who do wrong. In essence if there is, if there were to be no God then there is no such thing as right or wrong. There would be hence no dividing line on what is acceptable conduct or what is unacceptable. As Christians see it, God is the one who rewards us for our loyalty in abiding by what he asks of us and punished those who commit sin. So in total God is what allows for the existence of morals. If it were not for the very existence God, we would live in a constant state of anarchy were there would be no such thing as rule of law, or justice.


      1. Eh, I can respect the religious aspect and I do sort of get where you’re coming from. Although, again, I disagree that it is the basis of morality but those are just our differing beliefs. I don’t know. I myself am actually an atheist but I would consider myself a “moral” person if anything. Sort of like the “hippie” “everyone deserves rights” type of person, if that makes sense. But again, that’s just me and I don’t feel as though it has to do with my religious stance but meh.


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